Naseeha to The Muslims of the World (part 1) By Allamah Yehya ibn Ali alHajoori حفظه الله (Arabi)

Naseeha to the Muslims of the world. [Part one]
By Allamah Yehya ibn Ali AlHajoori.حفظه الله
No translation available at the moment the audio is in Arabi. This is the first of a series of talks The Sheikh gave in Yemen during a tour of the South of Yemen, before he left for Saudi Arabia, in it is valuable advice to stick to the Quraan and Sunnah be steadfast upon it. I advice anyone with basic knowledge of Arabi to listen to this audio and the others in this series I will be posting soon Insha-Allah, also please recommend it to others.

Benefits of Lughaa-tul-Arabiyah.(The Arabic Language.)

Benefits of Lughaa-tul-Arabiyah.
By Abi Abdirahman Nawwas Al-Hindi.
Beneficial advice about seeking Ilm and the important role the Arabic Language plays in this quest. with an Introduction to Al-Ajroomiyah and a brief Explanation of Nahu.

Strangeness of the Deen

Strangeness of the Deen.
Abu Muhammed Unis.

New Pages.

New Pages Ilmu Tajweed, more audios to be uploaded Insha-Allah.
Thalaatha-tul-Usool complete all audios uploaded.

Naseeha to the Muslims of Colombo, Sri Lanka (Audio)

Naseeha to the Muslims of Colombo, Sri Lanka
By Sheikh Abu Muhammed Abdul Hameed Al Hajoori

Dangers of Freemixing (Audio)

Dangers of freemixing By Sheikh Abu Abdirahman Abdullah Al-Iriyaani.
A present day sickness which has effected many Muslims.

Forbiding Nasheed and Turning to what Benefits from the Sunnah (Audio)

Naseeha from Abu Abdirahman Nawwas Al-Hindi Forbiding nasheed and turning to what benefits from the Sunnah,recorded in Colombo. Sri Lanka, taken from the book The Beneficial Answers to the Questions Concerning the New Methodoligies by Sheikh Salih Al-Fawzan حفظه الله